Entradas por Academia CEDES

English 5 – 31/03

Antes de hacer cualquier otra cosa, os ruego que pulséis sobre el siguiente enlace para conectaros a la videoconferencia que mantendré abierta desde las 10 de la mañana. En ella voy a explicar detalladamente lo que pretendo que hagáis hoy, así que sería muy conveniente que os conectarais y que compartierais conmigo un ratito. El […]

Natural Science 6 – 31/03

Good morning, everyone. Let’s get back to work and do some science! Last week you studied (and hopefully experimented) about light energy. This time, we are going to do something similar about heat and thermal energy. Ready? The first thing we are going to remind is the difference between temperature and heat. If you or […]

Natural Science 6 – 26/03 Answer Key

Good morning, everyone. Did you do the experiments I showed you? I hope you did. You also had to complete a couple of exercises and here are the right answers for your convenience. 2) What different types of mirror are there? How do they reflect light? What images do they create? There are three diffenent […]

English 5 – 26/03 Answer Key

Good morning, everyone. These are the right answers to the English session we had on the twenty sixth. 1) Complete the sentences. Use the verb in brackets and the past continuous. Judy was making dinner. Amy and Zoe weren’t watching a film at the cinema. It was raining very heavily. You and Jack weren’t waiting […]

English 5 – 26/03

Welcome back and good morning, everyone! We are practicing some of the grammar stuff we have been working lately: the verb patterns and the use of the Past Continuous. Ready? Let’s start with the latter. You need to open your Grammar Friends 4 Book and turn to pages 68 (exercise 1) and 69 (exercises 2 […]

Natural Science 6 – 26/03

Let’s do Science! Good morning, everyone. We are learning about light and some of its properties today and, you know what? We are going to try a couple of experiments to check how things actually work. Ready? Let’s start by reading very carefully the information on pages 104 and 105. Be careful, it’s a lot. […]

Natural Science 6 – 24/03 Answer Key

There was only one exercise which needed correction and here are the right answers. a) The use of renewable energy is increasing in many parts of the world. TRUE b) Iceland’s geographic location helps to provide with energy. TRUE c) Iceland has invested heavily in solar power. FALSE d) Hydroelectric power and thermal energy are […]

COVID-19 – Suspensión de pagos de los Servicios Complementarios

Estimadas familias. Por motivos evidentes, los servicios de Transporte Escolar, Comedor y Aula Matinal han suspendido sus servicios hasta nuevo aviso. Para facilitar la futura regularización en las cuotas de los mismos, rogamos a todos los usuarios que ordenen a sus entidades financieras que paralicen los pagos a cuenta de estos servicios hasta nuevo aviso. […]

Natural 6 – 24/03

Good morning, everyone. Natural Science time! Let’s start by listening to the text about the use of renewable energy sources that you can find on page 101. Click on the picture to load the audio track.   Now, write down the following sentences and decide if they are true or false.   It’s time to […]