English 5 – 12/05 Answer Key

Good morning, everyone.

These are the answers to the exercises from the Grammar Friends Book I posted yesterday.

2- Look at the notes. Write sentences about Charlie’s Life in the future. Use will and won’t.

  1. I’ll drive a fast car.
  2. I won’t have to go to school.
  3. My Dad will have to work.
  4. There will be cartoons on TV all the time.
  5. I’ll take my friends to the moon.
  6. There won’t be any pollution.
  7. Robots will do all the boring work.
  8. People won’t travel by plane.
  9. Towns and cities will be safe.
  10. I won’t have to pay for anything.

3- Look at exercise 2. Write questions and short answers.

  1. Will I drive a fast car? Yes, I will.
  2. Will I have to go to school? No, I won’t.
  3. Will my Dad have to work? Yes, he will.
  4. Will there be cartoons on TV all the time? Yes, there will.
  5. Will I take my friends to the moon? Yes, I will.
  6. Will there be any pollution? No, there won’t.
  7. Will robots do all the boring work? Yes, they will.
  8. Will people travel by plane? No, they won’t.
  9. Will towns and cities be safe? Yes, they will.
  10. Will I have to pay for anything? No, I won’t.

Remember there’s a Quizlet Challenge in progress. Complete all three modes and try to beat my best score.

Bye bye!