English 5 – 17/03

Good morning, everyone.

We are starting unit 5 today, and as usual, we are going to work on the first vocabulary section. This time, it is about Adventure Sports. Click on this picture and on the new tab, listen and repeat as many times as necessary. You can come back to this tab if you want to listen and see the pictures at the same time (which is a better idea than just listening to it).

Let’s complete the bilingual dictionary now. You can find it in your Activity Book, on page 105. If you left your books at school, you can still write it down in your notebook. Use a dictionary if you need help.

And now, let’s practice what we are learning. Go to page 44 in your Activity Book and complete exercises 1 and 2.

Well, we have nearly finished. One more to go. Listen and choose the sports Billy and Milly would like to try (Activity Book, page 44, exercise 3). Remember the audio track will open on a new tab. Come back to this one to listen and see it all at the same time.

And that’s it. If you have completed everything, you did a great job. I will provide you with the right answers next time, so that you can check yours. Have a great time and bye bye.