English 5 – 24/03

Good morning, everyone. How are you doing so far? Well, I hope.

It’s English time again! So, get your books ready and follow me.

Today’s lessson starts with Sophie Tucker and her incredible adventure (page 47 in your Class Book). You can hopefully watch it if you click on this link (and everything works as it should). If the video link does not work, read the story by yourself before going any further.

You know stories always serve as an introduction to the first grammar section of the unit, which you can study from this picture.

eng 471

As you can read, this grammar piece is about verb patterns followed by another verb in the infinitive form. It’s quite simple. You just have to remember that some verbs (hope, decide, manage, learn and want) are always followed by an infinitive. And that’s it. It isn’t hard to remember because we do the exact same thing in Spanish: Jan y Dave esperaban encontrar…; ellos decidieron continuar…; Sophie Tucker se las arregló para nadar… See? Encontrar, continuar y nadar are also infinitives, so nothing really extraordinary here. Just remember that, as they are infinitives, ‘to‘ needs to be placed right before the base form.

The pattern can sometimes get a little bit more complicated. When paired with tell, ask, help or invite, an object (a person or thing) goes between those verbs and the infinitive that comes afterwards. You have some examples in the previous chart. This time, translating into Spanish will not help at all, because the result is completely different in both languages.

Time to put it into practice. Open your Activity Book on page 46 and complete exercises 1, 2 and 3.

eng ab461 eng ab462 eng ab463

And that’s the end of today’s lesson. I will provide you with the right answers next time so that you can check yours. Untill then, bye, bye.