English 5 – 26/03

Welcome back and good morning, everyone!

We are practicing some of the grammar stuff we have been working lately: the verb patterns and the use of the Past Continuous. Ready?

Let’s start with the latter. You need to open your Grammar Friends 4 Book and turn to pages 68 (exercise 1) and 69 (exercises 2 and 3).eng5 gf681 eng5 gf691 eng5 gf693

In order to practice with the verb patterns, you need to open your notebook, write down today’s date and complete this exercise.

1) Translate into English.

  1. Mis padres decidieron practicar puenting.
  2. Yo me las arreglé para bucear en el Pacífico.
  3. Ben aprendió a ir en canoa el verano pasado.
  4. Jane quería montar en su bicicleta de montaña.
  5. El Presidente dijo a los ciudadanos que se quedaran en casa.
  6. El médico ayudó a mi abuelo a recuperarse del coronavirus.
  7. Nosotros invitamos a nuestros amigos a jugar.

Remember why we use a colour code. It’s important and it helps you to keep everything in order. Well, I’ll provide you with the right answers next time. Don’t forget to check yours then.

Bye bye!