Natural 6 – 24/03

Good morning, everyone. Natural Science time!

Let’s start by listening to the text about the use of renewable energy sources that you can find on page 101. Click on the picture to load the audio track.

nat 1013


Now, write down the following sentences and decide if they are true or false.

nat 10131


It’s time to turn to pages 102 and 103 and learn about different forms of energy. Most of the facts you will listen here aren’t new and should be quite easy to understand. In fact, we have already discussed these same things on previous years. It is important that you remember all the forms of energy in the chart and their characteristics. As usual, click on the image if you want to listen to the audio track.

nat 102


And that’s it. As you see, very easy. There is no need to complete any exercises today. However, let me show you something that I find interesting. Exercise 3 asks you to find out about energy production in Albacete. Well, I did the research for you (although the answer was pretty obvious) and I’d like you to navigate the map on this site and see for yourself. How many windfarms can you see?

Bye bye.