Natural Science 6 – 12/05

Good morning, everyone!

This has been an interesting unit, with lots of experiments that have helped us learn many of the concepts within. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. We’re about to finish it, though, and the time has come to complete the exercises in the Revise section. Not so funny, not the most thrilling, but necessary, nonetheless.

So, grab your books and pencils and complete the following exercises.

nat6 1241 nat6 1251 nat6 1252 nat6 1253 nat6 1254 nat6 1256

That’s it. You have plenty of work to do today, as you can see. I will provide you with the right answers in a future post, as usual.

Here come the bad news, though. After the Revise section, there’s always an exam, and that is exactly what you’ll have to face next Tuesday. You have a full week to study everything we’ve learnt in unit 8. I will be able to give you further details on Thursday. Till then, bye bye!