Natural Science 6 – 14/05

Good morning, everyone!

I still haven’t provided you with the correct answers to the exercises I posted on Tuesday. Let me solve that right away.

nat6 1241 nat6 1251 nat6 1252

Corrected false sentences would be like these:

  • Magnets have two poles, north and south.
  • Two magnets placed with the same poles together will repel each other. Or two magnets placed with the opposite poles together will be attracted to each other.
  • Electromagnets are an example of an induced magnet.
  • Magnetic north is at a slight angle away from the North Pole.

nat6 1253 nat6 1254 nat6 1256

OK, then. You can focus on study this unit for next Tuesday test. It will be on Educaplay on May 19th. You already did the test for unit 7 on that site and you didn’t have trouble answering it. I guess it’ll be the same this time. If you have been conducting the experiments and following lessons everyday, I’m sure you’ll find this unit quite easy. Still, if you need help with something in particular, you can always contact me by email. I’ll try to solve any questions as fast as I can.

Bye bye!