Natural Science 6 – 16/06

Good morning, everyone.

Summer holidays are close, very close, but we still need to complete a couple more sessions before you get there. Are you ready for your last two? I promise they will be easy.

Today, I have set up a Q&A competition between 6ºA and 6ºB. Will your class win or will it lose?

Open your books on page 143 and read the following lists of definitions. There are two lists: 6ºA needs to find the right terms in the green list (Team A, obviously) and 6ºB need to do the same with the purple list (Team B).Q&A

Find the right terms and send them to me. You will score one point for every correct term, which will be assigned to your team. On Wednesday, I will do the math and proclaim the winner, that will be announced on my blog next Thursday.

Let’s see which of the two groups claims the Championship. Good luck and bye bye!