Viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

¡Hola, familias!:

¿Quién me ha robado el mes de abril? 😉 Se nos pasan los días volando… Hoy me despido de nuestros aventureros por 4 días y os los mando a casa con algunas tareas:

– Que descansen.

– Que desconecten (pero no dejen de leer).

– Que carguen pilas.

– Que jueguen mucho, mucho, mucho.

A la vuelta estaremos ya en el penúltimo mes de curso y los necesito con muuucha energía.

Por último, os pongo las instrucciones de la seño Carmen para el trabajillo de Natural Science que les ha pedido:

«We have finished the unit, and we have to do a small project about what we have worked on.

The adventurers must carry in their «traveling folders» an activity with three columns.




In the middle one, they should look for five objects (magazines, newspapers…)cut and paste them.

In the first one (PROPERTIES) they must describe the object with the properties that we have worked on during the unit:

smooth- rough


shiny- dull.

In the last one , they must write what material it is made of using the ones we have studied in class:

Glass, metal, plastic, fabric, wood or paper.

I hope you find it easy and fun, if there is any doubt, please don´t hesitate and send me an e-mail:

Remember that you can find the vocabulary on my blog by clicking here.

The delivery date is: 2nd ,3rd, or 4th May ( I won´t take any activity after this date).

Thanks for your cooperation!!»

¡Feliz puente a todos! Un besico,


Teacher Laura.